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OB-GYN Society
Committee Members
Head OCM:Shania Coutinho
4th Med Rep:Subaniya Thayaparan
2nd Med Rep:Emily Driscoll
Events Officer:Hashini Kanattege
Vice-Auditor:Elma Mammen
Secretary:Katie Commins
Auditor:Shagana Vijayakanthan
Co-Auditor:Brenden Osborne
July 14th
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OB-GYN Society

The OBGYN society has a mission of addressing women's health issues, particularly among underprivileged and marginalized populations. By advocating for equitable access to healthcare services, the society seeks to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by these women and aims to bridge the gaps in healthcare. Guiding students in the healthcare field interested in pursuing a career in OBGYN is a central objective of the OBGYN society.The society serves as a valuable resource by providing information about educational pathways, and professional development within the field.

Through mentorship programs, workshops, and online resources, aspiring OBGYN professionals can gain insights into the requirements, challenges, and rewards of the profession. Furthermore, the society acts as a networking hub, connecting aspiring OBGYN practitioners with established professionals in the field. This networking fosters a supportive community where knowledge-sharing and mentorship flourish, ultimately facilitating a smoother journey into the world of OBGYN. The organization of educational and interactive events that serve as platforms for learning skills that are needed in the field by incorporating interactive elements, such as case study presentations and lecture series. 


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