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London trip 2nd installment

2nd installment for accommodation and train

Outstanding Deposit

Additional costs for the trip (accommodation)

University of Galway Rugby Club 150 Years

Join us as we celebrate 150 years of University of Galway Rugby

Yoga with Cristina Thursday Block 7, 5-6pm

Ashtanga Yoga. Cristina has been teaching since qualifying back in 2004. She also used to teach with The Yoga Shala and ran her own classes in Galway, Moycullen and Kilannin. Her training is in Ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha and Iyengar style.

Yoga With Lisa Wednesday 4pm to 5pm Block 7

Vinyasa for All Levels: focusing on linking physical movement with the breath to calm the nervous system and centre the mind. This style of yoga is characterised by rhythmic movements timed to the breath.

Yoga with Sandra Tuesday 1pm to 2pm Block 7

Hatha Yoga incorporates practises and teachings from the ancient tradition of yoga. This type of yoga nourishes the whole person, with an emphasis on awareness while working with the practises and of being open to learning about all aspects of the personality. Yoga Postures (Asanas) are practised to balance body and mind. Yogic Breathing works on the energy body and helps to encourage good breathing habits. Meditation helps to calm and focus the mind