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December 10th
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Spanish Society


Welcome to the Spanish Soc!

We are a newly revived society and we aim to remain active for years to come!

Our society is aimed at all students who are interested in Hispanic* culture, languages and those interested in meeting new people.


During the year we have many events planned for you all, such as:

  • Biweekly** Tandem (Social night to practice your Spanish/ English)
  • Spanish classes for Beginners
  • Film Nights
  • Collabs with other NUIG societies (Timelord, Astronomy, German, etc‚Ķ)
  • Nights out with our favourite DJ Matt at Monroes and Sult
  • and much more!

All events include FOOD and drinks! (whether it's Spanish or not depends, i.e. mostly Pizza)


¬°Hasta luego!
Spanish Soc

*Hispanic¬†(/h…™ňąspan…™k/ )

adjective: Hispanic
1.     relating to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries, especially those of Central and South America.
especially those of Central and South America.

noun: Hispanic; plural noun: Hispanics
    1.     a Spanish-speaking person, especially one of Latin American descent, living in the US.


**biweekly¬†/b Ć…™ňąwiňźkli/

adjective: biweekly; adjective: bi-weekly
1.     done, produced, or occurring every two weeks or twice a week. 

In this context: every two weeks


 We will send an email to all members about events.

Contact Us


Instagram: @nuig_spanishsoc_official