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For fellow Kino Enjoyers!
Committee Members
Head of Productions:Josefine Flindt
Production Manager:Kaia Hall
Head of Screenings:Julia Twamley
Health and Safety Officer:Scott Stephens
Secretary:Ryan Davis
Head of Events:Dylan Fahey
Ordinary Committee Member:Fiona McGee
Ordinary Committee Member:Katelyn Benson
Events Manager:Hugh Gately
Public Relations Officer:Ayushmaan Bahadur Rana
Treasurer:Séamus Knightly
Vice-Auditor:Anna Warren
Auditor:Andreea Galateanu
September 24th
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For fellow Kino Enjoyers!

If it's movies and it's in UoG, you'll find it at FilmSoc.

The UoG Film Society has been one of the biggest society in the University for the past five years, committed to bringing you the very best cinematic experience.

We are your Student Cinema, serving as a gathering point for students of all disciplines who have a love for films and filmmaking. We screen movies every week; both the classics of old and the very best of contemporary cinema. We also make movies, many of which have won awards nationwide. If you'd like hands-on experience of movie-making, or have an idea you'd love to see translated from page to screen, you're in the right place!

We also organise trips to film competitions and festivals, and host fundraising quizzes and pan-society events!

To keep up to date with everything film related in UoG, like us on Facebook: or, if you're so inclined, follow us on Twitter: or check out our Instagram:


Screenings every Tuesday and Wednesdays 

Production meetings every Monday from 7-8 pm

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