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Card games! Board games! War games! Role-playing games! Movies! And Games!....... did we mention games?
Committee Members
Auditor:Niamh O'Brien
Secretary:Willow Pfeiffer
Con Director :Oskar Sokol
Special Events Manager:Saige Crowley
Card Games Coordinator:Chichi Agwaraonye
Librarian:Clara O'Gorman
Public Relations Officer:Eva Modly Hurst
Vice Auditor:Diarmuid Kilraine
RPG Coordinator:Theo Ó Dubhslaine
Treasurer:Aoife Farren
Wargaming Organiser:Avery O'Heocha
July 18th
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Card games! Board games! War games! Role-playing games! Movies! And Games!....... did we mention games?

Welcome one and all to the mystical world of the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society or FanSci!

At FanSci we try to cram as much fun, games and laughs into our time as physics will allow! We can see to all of your Fantasy and Science Fiction needs with our supply of colourful, immersive, and fun games.

So whether you want to kick back with a card or board game, spend all your hours painting Warhammer minis, roleplay a character based on Michael D. or totally own sum n00bz (or possibly even do something fun) then feel free to come down to our weekly Wednesday and Thursday night meetings! Meeting venues are subject to change so check out our social medias (or your emails for existing members) at the start of the week!


Wednesdays 7pm- 10pm - Card games and War Games: In terms of Cardgames, our personal favourite here at Fansci is Magic the Gathering, specifically Commander, but we have been known to shake it up sometimes with some Yu-gi-oh, and other games! War Games takes place on the same day in the same room, with our big fancy box of terrain, so bring your minis and meet on the battlefield!

Thursdays 7pm- 10 pm Main event: The weekly standard, we alternate between one week of board games and one week of Tabletop RPGs! So, enjoy a board game from our vast trove of cardboard and dice one week, and the next find yourself in a world of our own creation, from systems like Dungeons and Dragons 5e, to Vampire the Masquerade, Fiasco, Everyone is John, Call of Cthulhu, or much much more. The only limit is your own imagination.

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