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Odd One Out

Posted by Waffle on Thu, 16-03-2023

It's official, Waffle Soc will be running our own version of "Odd One Out" on the 29th of March in Sult! Tickets are 5 euros (including booking fees) and we are currently accepting applications to participate! Hope to see you there!!! Description; Poster with the title "ODD ONE OUT" in white and red neon writing. There is a picture of a lineup of five people dressed in different clothing in the centre with a neon white cube around them. From right to left the people are wearing a balaclava, a waistcoat, a clown suits, bucket hats, a sports jersey. The last two people have their arms crossed. A man with his hand up is in the foreground in the bottom right. In the foreground on the left is a girl in a white bucket hat looking up confused. In the background at the bottom is three stacks of waffles. The main text at the bottom reads " WEDNESDAY 29TH MARCH 7-10 pm SULT BAR TICKETS 5 EURO". To the left of this text is a QR code to buy tickets. To the right of this text is a QR code to sign up.

Event Date: 2023-03-29

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