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ChemSoc Seminar

Posted by Chemistry Soc on Sat, 17-09-2022

Single-Molecule Magnets and other Magnetic Molecules on ‘Molecular Nanoparticles’: A Molecular Model Approach to SMMs on Supports - Prof. George Christou Monday 26th September 2022 - Tyndall Theatre 2pm Synthesis of truly monodisperse (single-size) nanoparticles and their structural characterization to atomic resolution have always been extremely important challenges in nanoscience. Small size distributions such as ±5% are sometimes possible, but the growing interest in very small nanoparticles (e.g., ≤ 10 nm in many biomedical applications) makes a tighter control of size more crucial because properties become very sensitive to size (and shape) differences at these scales. Such problems in the field of metal oxides include activity vs toxicity concerns in biomedical applications of polydisperse ceria nanoparticles, and the distinct property changes at the nanoscale in the perovskite manganite family, which in the bulk spans ferroelectrics, ferromagnets, multiferroics, colossal magneto-resistance materials, etc. For these and many other nanoscale materials important to next-generation electronic, magnetic, catalytic and biomedical systems, the ‘top-down’ approach is reaching its limits as fabrication of monodisperse nanoparticles becomes more difficult with decreasing size, especially

Event Date: 2022-09-26

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