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Dramsoc presents 'Disciples'

Posted by Dramsoc on Fri, 10-01-2020

Henry and May are a young couple living their dream life, aside from being unemployed, desperately poor and living in an old converted corridor on the 63rd floor of their apartment building. That's until a chance encounter with a mysterious umbrella-wielding man sets off a chain of malevolent forces conspiring to keep them apart: an eerily lifelike robot, a blood-hungry cult, and an elusive black hole threatening to destroy everything they know. But what if the thing that's really threatening their marriage isn't an outside force at all? Disciples, written and directed by Emily White runs from the 5-8th November in the Bank of Ireland Theatre at 8pm. Tickets are 8 Euro, or 5 with a valid student card from Socs Box in Árus na Mac Léinn.

Event Date: 2019-11-05

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