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Make Christmas Cards for Nursing Home residents
Wednesday, 18:00 to 19:00 Nov 29th 2023

Christmas Cards event

Take a break from study and share some Christmas spirit with us and older members of the Galway Community! 

Join us for a hot chocolate and letXZYHX[^[XHHZYHZ[\YHZ[J[OHX^մamKXZSuu]X[X[_X_X[[Y\uammmebam]X[][eau-kX[VWVVamuuieebWWWWVVV֖Ӕai|!!mm=m [OHXXWV-ae=Z[]_WV5uamme~

Name ESN
Location Galway, Eyre Square, Caffè Nero
Event Type Charity
Location Type Off Campus
Status Approved
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