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Reorientation 20201: How can you communicate with me?
Wednesday, 14:00 to 15:00 Feb 10th 2021

Explore a different way to communicate in our modern society courtesy of our own Irish Sign Language Society! Learn about how you can communicate more inclusively!

Are you interested in learning Irish sign language and about the deaf community? If so, join us on Wednesday Feb 10th from 2-3p.m where we will be attending Socs & Clubs Fair!! Our event is titled “How will you communicate with me”, so come along and ask any questions (and join our society while you are there ^^). 

To attend the event the link to the Socs And Clubs Fair is at this

If you're interested in joining Law Soc and finding out more you can check out our profile here

To join the society you need to be logged into

Name Irish Sign Language
Location Hosted Online - Ended
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