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Psychological Society
For all those who have an interest in psychology
Committee Members
Public Relations Officer:Susie Clarke
Health & Safety Officer:Maria Connaughton
Auditor:Charles Hill
Secretary:Casey Cullen
Events Manager:Alanna Dolan
Vice-Auditor:Amy McHugh
Student Liaison Officer:Amy Staudt
OCM:Sarah O'Toole
Treasurer:Nirupam Srinivasan
OCM:Deborah Shoroye
3rd Year Rep:Tara Fahey
March 4th
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Psychological Society

For all those who have an interest in psychology

The University of Galway Psychological Society, also known as Psych Soc, is a society for students of psychology and anyone with an interest in what makes people behave the way they do.

Psych Soc is about introducing people to things they would not ordinarily come across in course readings and lectures. The society frequently holds talks in the university on a variety of topics. Previous talks include new and growing areas in the field, such as: forensic psychology; sports psychology and positive psychology. This gives people the opportunity to explore postgraduate and career directions by discovering where their interests lie.

Besides the academic side of things, we also organize social get-togethers and mental health workhops. The society gives people the chance to get to know their classmates a little better, but also allows people to meet students from other psychological societies, at events such as the Annual Congress of Psychology Students of Ireland. 

Psych soc is an open and inclusive society. Anyone with an interest in how the mind works is very welcome to get involved or take part.

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