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The Home of Poker @ the University of Galway
Committee Members
Auditor:Alan Donnelly
Vice Auditor:Oisin Rock
Secretary:Ben Harrington
Treasurer:Sean Connaire
League Director:James Gorman
Sales Director:Cian Scanlon Ortiz
Events Director:Joseph Andrews
Education Director:Andrew Vaughan
Intervarsities Director:Luke McCrossan
Sponsorship & Travel Director:Shea Hennessy
Finance Officer:Dylan Corcoran
League Officer:Michael Costello
Sales Officer:Rory Kane
Events Officer:Patrick O'Hora
Education Officer:Alastair O'Sullivan
Intervarsities Officer:Sean Quinn
Sponsorship & Travel Officer:Liam Fox
Gambling Awareness Ambassador:Eoghan Smith
Health & Safety Ambassador:Jashar Aliu
Women in Poker Ambassador:Jodie Molony
Women in Poker Ambassador:Ava Doherty
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The Home of Poker @ the University of Galway

Society Aims

- Cultivate Analytical and Risk Management Skills:

Poker inherently involves assessing probabilities, reading opponents, and making informed decisions under uncertainty. By participating in our events, students will have the chance to enhance their ability to analyze complex situations, manage risks, and apply these skills to various aspects of their academic and personal lives.

- Promote Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making Skills:

We are dedicated to showcasing poker as a game of skill, emphasizing its role in developing strategic thinking, critical decision-making, and psychological acumen. Through regular events and tournaments, we provide a platform for students to enhance these valuable skills while enjoying a social and enjoyable atmosphere.

- Foster a Tight-Knit Community:

Our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming community for students who share a passion for poker. By organizing engaging activities and events, we seek to encourage interactions, build lasting friendships, and strengthen the sense of belonging among our members, contributing positively to the University of Galway experience.


- League Nights every Tuesday @ 6.30pm

- 5-a-Side Soccer every Wednesday @ 6pm

- Beginners Workshops, Ladies Nights and other tournaments held throughout the semester.

- League Final held at end of year!

Contact Us

@universityofgalwaypoker on Instagram