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Microbiology Society
Committee Members
1st Year OCM:Rachel Allen
1st Year OCM:Alison Hall
1st Year OCM:Ashley Reade
2nd year OCM:Aaron Nolan
1st Year OCM:Brenda Chanza
Auditor:Jessica Kelly
Co-PRO:Eithne Brennan
Co - PRO:Damini .
Treasurer:Shrutika Sawant
1st Year OCM:Gustavo Sambrano
1st Year OCM:Uthesh Umapathy
3rd Year OCM:Jialun Wu
1st Year OCM:Alison Graham
Co-Secretary:Chuhan Wang
Co-Secretary:Yubin Xue
1st Year OCM:Pooja -
November 29th
Today . Wednesday


Microbiology Society

MicroSoc is the University of Galway Microbiology society for undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. The society is open to all, and we organise different types of events during the year. We have lots of social events to help people get to know their peers, and also host academic seminars to promote learning and research within Microbiology.

Check our dashboard for upcoming events, and if you've any suggestions about activities or seminar topics, you can contact the society at

Don't forget to check out our poster section for details on upcoming virtual events!


Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 2pm on Teams (online). Link available via events calendar and email. Valid Semester I 2020/2021

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