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FLAC Society

The Free Legal Advice Society (FLAC) aims to be a source of legal information offered at no cost for students experiencing issues relating to areas like tenancy law, employment law, criminal law, or personal injuries law. Our volunteers are law students who have received additional relevant training. These volunteers work with practising solicitors or barristers to hold regular clinics on campus where anyone in search of legal insight can access this from qualified legal professionals in a welcoming, confidential, free-of-charge setting. If you have legal problems and are in need of help, do not hesitate to visit one of our clinics.

In addition to offering the free advice service, we also organise training seminars and talks on legal subjects delivered by lecturers from the University Galway School of Law, legal practitioners, and visiting speakers of note. As well, our social activities and trips are a good way to meet new people if you have recently started at University of Galway. We always welcome new volunteers; join us if are interested in helping out with any of our work!  

Follow us on Instagram for regular updates on our activities as well as details of dates/times/venues of our clinics.  If you have queries or would like to get involved -- contact us at or message us via Instagram. 


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