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Posted by ISLA (International Second Language Acquisition) on Tue, 21-02-2023

Dear International Students & ISLA Students (who study in a second language context), We are excited to announce that the ISLA Society (International Second Language Acquisition) is hosting our first big event during the Nelson Mandela Anti-Racism Week with the assistance of the University of Galway EDI Project fund. As part of the event, we would like to showcase the experiences of international students on campus through a video segment. This would be a great opportunity for you to raise awareness about the experiences of international students and to contribute to creating a more equal, diverse, and inclusive campus community. The video should be a maximum of 30 seconds long and should portray the challenges and triumphs of being an international student using English as a second language. We understand and respect that you might not feel comfortable showing your face in a video. That's okay! You can just submit an anonymous video of your own preference. We are excited to receive your video for the OpenTalk event. Please submit your video by sending it to before 5th March 2023, with the subject line "OpenTalk video submission". Please ensure that your video meets the following requirements: Maximum duration of 30 seconds, Horizontal orientation (landscape please). We appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing your video. We can't wait to see your contributions and to bring the experiences of international students to the forefront of our campus community. Best regards, The ISLA Society Team

Event Date: 2023-03-05

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